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De Koog

  • AV Performance
  • Generative
  • Electroacoustic
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De Koog
[Text nur in englischer Sprache verfügbar] De Koog is a multi-media exploration that fuses together electronics and acoustics, light and sound, man and machine. It can be watched, touched, played, heard and experienced both as performer or audience. Its eyes and ears take in data from the surroundings and it responds to these stimuli with jittering visuals, harsh synthesis and animal screams. 4 TV screens glare out from it's 360 degree position changing and reacting to the sensory data drawn from it's surroundings. The human members of De Koog, at times performing with the machine and at times observing with the audience, work to tame this symbiotic creation of light and sound.

In the creation of De Koog we utilize the following sensory and sound generative processes/devices:

- Arduino sensors including; laser, light, sound, vibration and pressure used as triggers/controls
- sound triggered visuals and visual triggered sound
- 4 TV screens display 4 independent live visual streams
- 4 way speaker system co-ordinates with the visuals
- 4 lasers control aspects of the visuals and sound
- acoustic instruments (drums and woodwind) interact with the soundworld
- electronic sound generated using DIY instruments (by Ciat-Lombarde), no-input mixer and analogue synthesis

Human Members of De Koog:

Sam Andreae - DIY electronic sound, reed based sound, sensor doctor
Alex Gang - master visual engineer, interactivity guru
Alexandre Maurer - percussion based sound, analogue synthesis, laser engineer

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Was wird benötigt

4 powered front-house speakers (Mackie SRM450v2 or similar)
4 powered stage monitors
3 sm58 mics
12 power sockets

  • AV Performance
  • Generative
  • Electroacoustic


Tokyo Data Collective
Tokyo Data Collective

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LPM 2013 Rome
LPM 2013 Rome
Donnerstag, 23 Mai 2013

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