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  • AV Performance
  • Video Theatre
  • Electroacoustic
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[Text nur in englischer Sprache verfügbar] ⚡audio-visual performance based on analog signal ⚡

conversation with electricity​⚡

In order to see, to hear the physical aspects of ​it​⚡

Spark ionization, electric discharge, pulses and voltage breakdown.
Oscillating tension with lights , sounds and electrified atmosphere.
Organic synchronization between sound and image. ​
Visual sonification. ⚡
⚡ SIGNAL, Flow of electricity.

Dauer (Minuten)


Was wird benötigt

Would be great to have multiple projections and possibility of at least one to change position (projecting on smoke)
rca video output
min 1 smoke machine
table 2 m.
extension cord 10
no lights
audio mixer with 8 inputs and min 2aux

  • AV Performance
  • Video Theatre
  • Electroacoustic


kasia justka
kasia justka

Germany Berlin

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