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[Text nur in englischer Sprache verfügbar] "F!#*Face" by Julie Fotheringham and Jarryd Lowder contains several sections depicting two characters in various emotional states and interactions, implied to be communicative and/or telecommunicative. The format of the performance is a structured improvisation; the approximate content and length of each section is predetermined but it's executed differently every time.The projected images are grabbed live from two video cameras fed into a video mixer. When a note is played on the MIDI guitar, the computer captures a live frame from the camera feed and adds it to a repeating cycle of the 5 most recently captured frames. Futhermore, the velocity of the guitar notes controls the mix between the looping frames and a still frame (the most recently captured frame). As for the music, when the MIDI guitar is played two different sounds can be heard: firstly, percussion sounds on a synthesizer and the guitar (but pitch-shifted one octave higher).

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Was wird benötigt

In order to perform this piece, we'll need the following items:

• A sound system which will accept our sound feed (stereo, line-level audio with RCA or 1/4" phono connectors)

• A flat, white horizontal projection surface such as a large wall.

• If the venue is unable to provide a data projector (with DVI input), we can provide one.

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