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Liminal spaces

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Liminal spaces
[Text nur in englischer Sprache verfügbar] 'liminal space', a place where boundaries dissolve a little and
we stand there, on the threshold, getting ourselves ready to move
across the limits of what we were into what we are to be.
'liminal space': a space of transformation between phases of
separation and reincorporation.
Liminal spaces are ambiguous and ambivalent, they slip between
global market and local place, between public use and private value,
between work and home, between commerce and culture.

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video projector and speakers

  • AV Installation


Selena Junackov
Selena Junackov

Serbia Beograd


LPM 2014 Eindhoven
LPM 2014 Eindhoven
26 // 28 Juni 2014