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Mutation of being

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Mutation of being
[Text nur in englischer Sprache verfügbar] This project is here to show a possible connection between video mapping and live painting, how they work together and become a unit.
The act happens in a open space in a wood plaques installation. There is a projector and white lamps turned to the plaques. Some times the video clips are on, sometimes the lights are on. During the act, the plaques are painted whit spray paint, developing a illustration that is already planned and worked in video softwares. The illustration suffers several metamorfoses, changes colors and lights, gain movement and emancipate in a final aspect.

Dauer (Minuten)


Was wird benötigt

We need the materials to build the installation. We are from brasil, so we need to find most material over there. 2 plaques of mdf and the equipment to work whit wood, 10 cans of spray paint, 2 white leds and power for those and for the projector. We have a 2.500 lumens projector, we can bring it.
We also need a help whit the plane tickets. We don't have much money to invest, but i guarantee we are ready to do our best!

  • AV Installation