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Pou pou

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Pou pou
[Text available only in English] This book is as much my effort as it is the sum of the efforts of the editorial team that
worked on it. My technical editors, Michael Margolis, Adam Parrish, Matt Obert, Jeff
Crouse, and Jeremy Rotzstain, have been absolutely fantastic. Their expertise, suggestions,
and fresh look at what I was working on shaped not only this book but enlightened
me, showed me new ways of solving problems, introduced me to new tools and
techniques, sharpened my thinking, and broadened my horizons for the better. This
book is a collaboration among all four of us in every sense of the word. I cannot pay
them enough thanks for their excellent work. I would also like to thank Justin Hunyh
and Mike Gionfriddo from LiquidWare as well as Nathan Seidle from Sparkfun for all
of their help. My editors—Shawn Wallace, Robyn Thomas, and Kim Wimpsett—have
been incredible, helping me with my sometime torturous grammar and patiently working
with my propensity for sending in extremely rough drafts to bounce ideas off of
them. They have made this book better than it ever could have been without their
watchful eyes and guidance. Finally, I need to thank Steve Weiss for listening to my
idea when I first proposed it and helping guide it through to completion.

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The scientist and philosopher Alfred Korzybski once remarked, “The map is not the
territory,” and it’s in that spirit that this book was written. The map may not be the
territory, but it is helpful for getting around the territory and for finding where you are
and where you want to go. This book covers a vast range of topics from programming
to electronics to interaction design to art, but it doesn’t cover any one of them in great
depth. It covers all of these topics because they are part of an emerging territory that is
often called interaction design , and that territory encompasses art, design, psychology,
engineering, and programming. It’s also a territory that is becoming more and more
accessible thanks to excellent projects like the ones that we’ll be exploring in the book—
tools that have been created to make code and coding easier to do.

  • VJ Set
  • Live Cinema (Narrative)
  • Experimental Electronics



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