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[Text nur in englischer Sprache verfügbar] RAW_GEOMETRY is a realtime audiovisual performance, developed with a clear focus on live stage appearance. Atmospheric, mechanical and precise, this work represents a blend of finely crafted electronica with clean glitchy aesthetics and extremely tight rhythmic arrangements, all synchronized with intense geometric visuals.

The concept itself is dealing with perception, perspectives, forms, precision, distortion and much more. An absolute test of the human senses, and can be positioned somewhere between conceptual art, experimental music and club culture, equally suitable in a club environment and concert halls as well as theatrical stages or places like museums, galleries and cinemas.

The visual artwork is achieved using a combination of generative tools in various programming environments with a main role of Quartz Composer, the output is generated using a various audio-reactive and light-reactive patches and then all mapped into Ableton Live for perfect A/V synchronization.

The audio part is sequentially developed over a period of more than a 2 years and represents a tight selection of artist's best sound production till date.

You can find out more about this work on the official webpage: http://noitu.mk/raw-geometry

Or you can watch the official concept preview here: https://vimeo.com/noitu/rawgeometry

Dauer (Minuten)


Was wird benötigt

1. Stage:
Minimum stage area : 4m x 2m / DI-box: 2 x mono or 1 x stereo / 3x electrical power outlet (AC-240v, european standard plugs)
*stage should be clear of any additional objects or equipment, e.g. drums, instruments, amps. sound devices, etc.

2. Projection screen:
Recommended video format: 4:3 / Minimum screen size: 4m x 3m / Material: matte white
*the screen is placed 80cm behind the stage desk, screen size should be adapted to location.

3. Stage desk/table:
Dimensions: 80cm x 2m, height: 1m *table should be covered with white cloth, this is crucial part for the performance.

4. Projector: Minimum resolution: 1024x768 pixels / format: VGA/RGB / Inputs: VGA (D-sub 15 pin) min 3000
AnsiLumen + Hi Contrast *please provide VGA cable from on stage-computer to projector.

5. Stage monitors:
2x Monitors L/R *should provide clean output of the main stereo mix *should be placed out of the projection line.

6. Main PA system:
A professional quality stereo system, 3 or 4 ways, subs and mid-hi speakers each side, suited to the venue.
*please check especially all electrical circuits to avoid interferences and loops with electronic devices.

7. Venue:
The venue should be completely dark, no surrounding or additional lights except 1x light on audio mixing board.

Important notes:
• The projection screen should be placed starting right from the stagefloor up and should be projected from the front without any additional objects in between.
• Please provide a white cloth to cover the table on top and down to the floor.

You can also read and download the complete technical rider + stage plan on the following link:

  • AV Performance
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North Macedonia Skopje


LPM 2014 Eindhoven
LPM 2014 Eindhoven
26 // 28 Juni 2014
LPM 2013 Rome
LPM 2013 Rome
Freitag, 24 Mai 2013

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