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  • AV Performance
  • Live Cinema (Narrative)
  • Electroacoustic
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[Text nur in englischer Sprache verfügbar] Shangri-La

SA//GD plans to conceptualize an audiovisual performance by intervening on the Estela de Luz.

The month of November we were invited to realize a visual performance for the electronic music festival 'Estado' at the Estela. By programming a specific software to control the light monument we were able to reproduce symbols, texts, audio reaction control, creating a thematic concept throughout the 4 week festival. The objective of the music festival aimed to present 4 music movements emerging in different regions of Mexico. From Juarez to the DF, we realized a unique live set for each artist in consideration of the regions social situation.

Our proposal for LPM is to generate an audiovisual project with concept and continuity at the Estela. We will invite 3 musicians from the city; Nicolas, Ormo and Brontos, and working in collaboration with them we want to create a cinematic experience using the Estela as our 6x144 pixels screen. Combining projections of analog media manipulation, circuit bending and computer programming we will take the spectator through 3 moments, constructing an evolving narrative and a decaying end.

Dauer (Minuten)


Was wird benötigt

Technical aspects:

-video mixer, 4 Channels Edirol V4, by preference
-table 110x240
-extension cord
-voltage regulator
-preview video monitor
- Four 5000 lumens projector with VGA output
-Ethernet Cable connected to Estela de Luz


-Centro de cultura digital audio system and stage
- 2 direct lines to console
- Monitoring system
- Three tables 1 x 120
Power cords and multicontacts


-one table lamp per artist on stage (3)
- one table lamp for VJ table
-absolutely no external lighting

  • AV Performance
  • Live Cinema (Narrative)
  • Electroacoustic



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