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Shipibo Video-Cloth Mapping 2014

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Shipibo Video-Cloth Mapping 2014
[Text nur in englischer Sprache verfügbar] The latest edition of the Video-Cloth installation features new 3D scenes, updated audio and 2 different modes. [Gallery Mode] is a 10 minute continuous loop. [Interactive Mode] allows audience to trigger scenes and control audio reactive video FX on the Video-Cloth using a custom Lemur control surface [iPad] wireless integration to VDMX. Offering highly granular control over the audio reactivity of the effects, it's an instantly engaging and highly addictive VJ'ing experience.

Video Promo: https://vimeo.com/90663176


An icaro (or ikaro) is a song sung in Shipibo healing ceremonies.
The Shipibo are an indigenous tribe in the Peruvian Amazon.
Their fine artwork & hand woven textiles contain the blueprint of their Icaros (songs) which translate visually into elaborate geometric patterns.

This 1.5m Shipibo cloth is hand-made by one individual over a period of 6 months. It has been video mapped and reverse engineered so that the intricate details encoded into the weaving can be explored using animation & video FX composed to location recordings from the Peruvian jungle where the cloth was created.

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Was wird benötigt

Darkened room, the darker the better.

Sound isolation is always ideal, if at all possible, so the audio from the installation does not disturb other audiences in adjacent rooms.

Minimum 4 -- 5K Lumen HD Projector with standard to short throw lens.

Small sound system capable of holding it's own in a room full of people.

Small crate or box to house a mac mini or laptop.

  • AV Installation


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