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Aura hacking

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Aura hacking
[Text nur in englischer Sprache verfügbar] In this live-coding performance we use Fluxus [http://www.pawfal.org/fluxus/] to create live visuals.

Each of us is sitting in front of a kinect and we are rendering our visuals around our silhouettes - this is where the name: aura hacking is coming from.

We also intend to manipulate our projected visuals with not only music but our motion in space and use the kinects' capabilities as much as we can.

Dauer (Minuten)


Was wird benötigt

4 projectors + 4 screens, vga cables

audio - 2 laudspeakers, cables, mixer, amp.

(4 mac laptops, mini display - vga adapters and kinects are provided for the performance)

  • AV Performance


Draft Report
Draft Report

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